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  EMDR testimonials

Performance Enhancement 
I tried EMDR for the first time when I needed help preparing for upcoming job interviews. In the past, my anxiety level would be so high that I wasn’t even able to prepare well for interviews, much less do well during the actual interviews. I felt I couldn’t think on my feet when asked a question. After just one session with a professional EMDR therapist, I found that my fear of interviewing had somehow simply evaporated. I interviewed for two positions within two weeks of my EMDR session, and I found to my amazement that I felt relaxed and confident. I was even joking with the interviewers, and I’ve never done that before. Both companies made me offers, and I accepted the one that was my dream job. I’m certainly impressed with EMDR’s results! – RB, San Diego

Recovery from Catastrophic Trauma
On 9/22/04 I was attacked by my ex-husband with a butcher knife. He attempted to kill me. I escaped to safety with my 5 month old baby, who was unharmed. I was stabbed 7 times. I suffered from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), flashbacks, nightmares, guilt, shame, low self-esteem and no confidence. On top of this, I was a very angry person. On 7/11/06 I was referred by ParentCare to an EMDR therapist, who has helped me tremendously. I have more confidence and higher self-esteem. I no longer suffer from terrible nightmares or frightening flashbacks. The trauma doesn’t haunt me today (11/8/06). I have found closure to the incident. EMDR helped me to be a lot more calm and centered. I have a lot more hope. I am now in control of my life and no longer am controlled by this traumatic night. If one word describes EMDR, it’s “amazing.” - ST, Spring Valley

Post-EMDR Comments by WP of San Diego, CA

Positive attitude change! Mental dialogue has gone from self-criticism and feeling sorry for myself to having a positive mental dialogue and honoring myself and giving myself praise more and not being as easily angered anymore. Less affected by people's “attitudes". I feel like I don't even have to TRY to change my mental dialogue now. It's automatic, which is further confirmation for me this change is real.

• After a conversation with someone, for example, I no longer REPLAY the whole thing and wonder if every little word I said was ok . . .

• Not feeling responsible or guilty if someone is unhappy around me when it has nothing to do with me . . . differentiated.*

• If angry about something, I don't feel like I get as angry nor STAY angry for nearly as long

• Feeling like the past is truly the past now, like I understand it as though it was long ago. It's over and I'm ok now.

• Feeling empathy and understanding towards people. Even people who have hurt me in the past. For example, anger towards parents has shifted from feeling like a victim to a more empathetic and caring attitude because I can understand the bigger picture from an objective standpoint.

• Don't take things personally because I know who I am and am confident
about it.

• I want to take care of myself and use my body and life to the fullest

• Never have those common little "suicidal" thoughts. I would never kill myself for any reason. Too much to look forward to. I know I always have options. And options look fun to me now and not so difficult.

*Publisher’s Note: “differentiated” means to know clearly who you are as different from other people, and to be able to be your own person, even while under pressure from others.


NOTE: Specific results will vary from person to person. Speed of healing for single event traumas has been demonstrated by research to take one to three 90 minute sessions for 80-90% of clients. Those who have an early history of trauma, abuse or neglect will take correspondingly longer to heal than those recovering from a single event trauma. But clients and therapists alike report that healing through EMDR is more rapid than traditional approaches to talk therapy.


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