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for transformational trauma therapies like EMDR

San Diego Trauma Therapy offers you a directory of trauma therapists who have demonstrated their dedication to high quality treatment by seeking or completing their Certification as EMDR therapists (through the requirements of the EMDR International Association). We cannot guarantee the success of clinical services or competency of any therapist for you. The research demonstrated success rate for EMDR is 80% to 90% for single event trauma. This is extremely high in the field of psychotherapy. However, the client is responsible for their choice of therapist, and at any time has the right to discuss any concerns in the therapy with his/her therapist. Even the best therapist in the world might not be best for every single person. Be assertive in expressing your questions, thoughts and concerns with your therapist for the best outcome.

San Diego Trauma Therapy cannot and does not make referrals to specific EMDR therapists, and makes no claims of assurances regarding the qualifications of the practitioners listed, or suitability of the services to be rendered by the practitioner for the needs of the inquiring consumer of psychotherapy services. Every use of this directory to locate an EMDR therapist is voluntary. In no event, and under no circumstances shall San Diego Trauma Therapy, North Park Counseling Services, or Dana Terrell, LCSW be liable for the voluntary selection of any trauma or EMDR therapist or for the services provided by any San Diego therapist listed on